A few months ago we offered a free boudoir shoot in exchange for allowing us to share the images and tell your story. Well, the summer turned out to be a lot busier than we thought, but we finally got our first recipient in the studio last month, and this shoot was awesome!

Angela is the mother of two beautiful children and a veteran of the United States Navy where she served as a nuclear mechanic.

One of the things we pride ourselves in is our limited use of PhotoShop to change how our clients look. We believe that women should feel confident in their own skin, so when we found out about her scar from an operation to repair her stomach muscles, we felt that was part of who she is, and there is no reason to hide that!

Angela started aerial silks about a year ago, and is now working towards her instructor certification! She tells us she’s never felt stronger or sexier! Who are we to argue?


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Alyssa on multiple shoots over the past year, mostly fashion and editorial style images, we’ve had some great shots and even had a few published. We’ve wrapped her in tulle, and even got a couple shots in a UK football Jersey.

But when she sent us the message saying she wanted to try a more traditional boudoir session, we were excited, and when she told us she was bringing some corsets from Alicia Martin of The Bad Button Corsets, we couldn’t wait!

When we sent these images to Alyssa she was quick to start posting, I think this quote from her post states it best:

First off I want to say that never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would ever find the confidence to even think about doing a boudoir shoot or anything remotely like this. Thanks to everyone supporting my modeling over the past year it has helped me become confident in who I am as a woman and a model. I may be considered plus size but that’s still beautiful and I am not ashamed!
— Alyssa

This image has become the most liked and most viewed image she’s ever posted to her modeling page, and the responses to it have been awesome, many from women thanking her for being a positive role model for young ladies.

We are very excited that Alyssa loves her images, that is what is most important to us, that our clients leave feeling great and get a collection of images to remind them that they are beautiful, and that confidence comes from within, and not from others.

So, we want to say thank you to Alyssa, we had a wonderful time on this session. We also want to thank Alicia Martin from The Bad Button for allowing us to use these wonderful corsets!


Photographers: Nick and Jessica McClure
Model: Alyssa Alexander - website
Hair and Makeup: Katie Noel - website
Corsets: Alicia Martin/The Bad Button - website

New name, same commitment!

Boudoir by McClure Photography is now Lexington Boudoir! We’ve been in business a few years now, and it seemed like the right time to start rethinking our branding a little bit. We wanted Lexington Boudoir to stand on its own. We are Lexington’s premier boudoir photography studio, and we felt our name should represent that.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see a few changes. We’ll be updating our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to reflect our new brand.

One thing that won’t change, our commitment to our customers. We’ll continue to offer a complete boudoir package, with professional hair and makeup, in our beautiful downtown Lexington studio. We hope that you hang with us through this transition. Our website, email address and everything will continue to work just as they always have.


In the Studio

As a rule, we don’t share client images with anybody but the client, as a result we don’t have many images from our Lexington Studio up on the website. So we were very happy when we met this lovely lady. We had the pleasure of working with her in our Downtown Lexington studio a few weeks ago.

Our clients love coming into our studio, it is a large open space, with beautiful hardwood floors, and perfect natural light that help bring out that romantic feel to each of your images.

We are very excited to be able to share this session. We had several questions about our studio, so we hope this collection of images gives you an idea of what to expect from a session with us.

In addition to your images and printed album, all of our clients get a digital album showcasing your favorite images from your session, take a look at the one below!

Head over to our Contact Page to setup your consultation today!

In the Air

We love trying new things, so when Erica put out a request in a local photographers group looking for somebody to help her update her portfolio we were interested. As we talked to her about the project, we learned that we were really into something very interesting.

As it turns out Erica is an award winning aerial performer, specializing in pole, lyra, and silks. Lately these apparatus have become popular ways for people to stay in shape. With some experience, you can start really doing some cool things.

Rikki, the owner and instructor at Defiance Studios, let us use the studio for a few hours one evening. Both she and Erica showed off their amazing talent, and we were able to grab some great images of these ladies as they went through some of the poses and positions of this fantastic art form.

Boudoir by McClure Photography is Central Kentucky’s premier boudoir studio. We specialize in giving our clients an experience they will cherish forever. Head over to our Contact Page to set up your consultation today.

You can learn more about Defiance Studios on their Facebook page

Always Learning

A few weeks ago we had the great opportunity to attend a boudoir workshop hosted at Studio 821 in Newport Kentucky. We worked with the beautiful Heather Luxe, a classic pinup model based out of Cincinnati.

Heather was a complete joy to photograph, and we got several great shots. These workshops help us keep up with current trends in boudoir photography such as poses, styles, and wardrobe.

We both shot a ton of pictures, and had a great time. Keep scrolling for some pictures from that day:

As boudoir photographers it is our goal to help women feel great about themselves. We love hearing feedback from the women we work with about how much they enjoyed their session, and how much they love their images.

One thing we have learned, even experienced models still have parts of their body they aren't confident in, so after seeing Heather post this to her Facebook page, we were just as excited as she was.

“Interesting fact, I hate showing my teeth! I have a crooked one in front and in pictures it always looks darker because of how it sits and I hate it! I seriously almost teared up when I saw this photo by Jessica McClure because she managed to make me feel gorgeous even though I'm smiling! Eeeep!” - Heather Luxe

One Amazing Shoot, Two Amazing People

Saturday I had the opportunity to work with April and Michelle at Studio 821 in Newport Kentucky. This is a wonderful studio that is also available to use for your session. We did most of our shooting in the carriage house studio. This studio has a cool rustic look, and awesome natural light. It offers a few different sets that work great for boudoir.

April and Michelle were so much fun to shoot with, we shot multiple outfits over the course of the day on several of the different sets.

Each of these ladies had a style and look all their own, Michelle has that classic beauty look, tall with long flowing hair and a gorgeous smile. We shot a few different outfits, but these were my favorites.

April is fun and full of energy, she was always moving and laughing. Her curly auburn red hair looked great in the sunlight coming through the windows.

And when you have friends together, during a boudoir shoot, eventually somebody is going to hit somebody else with a pillow.

Boudoir shoots are fun, if you would like more information about scheduling your own shoot, drop us a line at

New Beginnings

Hello everybody, welcome to our new site, and our new blog for Boudoir by McClure Photography. We’ve decided to finally separate things into two different brands. Jessica McClure Photography, where we specialize in families, couples and kids, and Boudoir by McClure Photography, offering boudoir and glamour photography services to central Kentucky.

We see boudoir as a way to feel empowered, and for you to feel sexy. Our services are designed for real women, our packages all include a wardrobe consultation, where we talk about what you want to get out of your shoot, we listen to you, and come up with a wardrobe plan to fit your style. Also included is professional hair and makeup performed at the studio, or location of our shoot. Every packages comes with an elegant album of images you select to give as a gift for that special someone, or just a keepsake for yourself.

Boudoir by McClure Photography has a special advantage that other studios don’t have. We are a husband and wife team that have been working together as photographers for nearly 15 years. We’ve shot everything from weddings and formal event to commercial and fine art photography. Our passion is helping you tell your story in pictures.